Front Matter

You may use and distribute this software according to the General Public Licence terms, but we kindly ask you to give us a recognition by adding the citation [1] to the list of references in any publication you produced with the help of PSlab. This is not an obligation, however we believe that you consider our kind request.


This document describes the package PSlab, wich is the photonics simulation tool based on Plane-wave Admittance Method [1]. It covers the basic structure definition and running photonic simulations and also provides the detailed class description for anyone wanting to use or develop PSlab. The fist part of the document is a simple tutorial presenting the PSlab basis and giving examples of common tasks. the later chapters cover the program class structure and some more advanced topics.

This manual assumes basic knowledge on physics, photonics and numerical computations as well as the Python language programming. For an informal introduction to Python, see the refs. [2] and [3]

Some more advanced chapters require also the basic skill in C++ programming, however they are required only for people wanting to extend and develop the software.